Shiba-san says that he always dreamed of watching the sakura blossoms with Yuriko, like this. And tbh, they actualy did have a lil fling in the past but that was long ago and means nothing cuz the one he wanted was always Yuriko since way back. I think there are cherry blossom trees there jesus lol. The whole time i was like this woman needs some b A servant of Yuriko’s household, and her very first love.

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Just stumbled upon your blog. Aromarie just has to ruin things with their screwed up minds sigh: The wrong choice could lead you to black out lusari get either the saddest or most bizarre ending in history, but all of them are worth it.

I have to admit getting used to the art was a bit hard at first for me too, but after that Hsna think it only adds to the game. They look so peaceful and adorable….

Because I sincerely believe that it is possibly the deepest otome game out there, and I’m not joking. Slapping tbh lol but yeah most of the cgs shes there D oh gods I rmb hunting for it online after I played this game but never had any luck. The script has a hefty amount of old Japanese, so with unnecessary filler this would have been a pain to wade through.


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There, she gets molested by her rapist servant Saburo and Majima hugs her in apology for not being able to prevent it from happening. The past, which seems so far away and transient now. Im not sure about where most ppl get their games online cuz i get mine locally but I just checked amazon and they still have it:. D But I had a question. Yuriko is set in the middle of the group and blind-folded, bringing about a feeling of nervous-ness. Chou no Doku probably has the best omakes imo cause of the pure randomness LOL.

Of course, those are good too, if you want something a little different.

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I like it quite a bit, I grew up playing the piano so anything with the piano in it makes me very happy xD hahaha okay moving on lmfao. Rinzamakani 1 day ago. I liked Shiba and Hideo! And amongst this nostalgia she recalls the face of a young man missing to this meeting…………………………………. The household’s faithful butler.

The third event in each character route is inaccessible right now, I think you lusari to play through the first two events in order to get the third event. Also, lots of people die, and lots of things happen.

R18 Otome Game Review: Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari

I’ve mentioned this game before on my previous post, and I thought I’d talk in more detail about it Someday, under these cherry blossom trees, will our children play whilst singing that song? He waited all these years to reunite with Yuriko, how sweet is that? So I was wondering. I feel as though it suits the game very well.


When Yuriko was gonna marry someone else, he was shit pissed and was gonna destroy her wud be hubby but before he made his move, things were already working in his favour and someone ELSE was causing all this shit to happen. Is the CD called Sweets Blossom?!

Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari – Zerochan Anime Image Board

If you’re into BL I guess it’s fine Hi there, long time stalker commenting for the first time. Like what would be your recommended playthrough? Shiba says something about being the oni and Yuriko gets up with an unsteady walk only to be like given the blindfold once again. He loves Yuriko deeply