Digitize So another english patch topic That you got this done so quickly for example, it took AGTP ten years or so to release Alpha Gaiden is incredibly impressive. I love you guys, been waiting for so long. Yeah I know you guys said no more bug reporting and would like typos instead but just in case you missed it or didnt see it, before, and after fighting the last boss, the area where the whole Tamers are shows that they are interactable but they dont have sprites. Did he add any?!

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I went back to default settings and tried again on the ppsspp for android but still gets stuck on the loading screen. The project is in it’s initial stadium but we already succesfully ported our PSP Translation. I install the firmware ect. Yeah you can do that if you like. Thank all of you for your hard work on this, and good luck with all your future projects.

Game freezes at tournaments, a few Coliseum battles and when talking to a digimon npc at the Water Ruins or somthing.

Digimon World Re:Digitize – PSP – ISO Download |

They are just literally black shadows on the ground. I cant say enough thank you for that. Also, thanks a lot for this! Thanks to everyone who did this possible.


Saw a video a while back where you had implemented this patch with it, and Lso was wondering if there was any instructions for that method of patching? Im lovin it right now. HashTab is an easy way to check hashes on windows: Good thing I have two extra lives. I really wanna they localize it, because that’s only Digimon game for 3DS and I digimno loved playing with cousins PSP older version of this game with fan English patch. Titamon is totally badass though.

Perhaps with enough exposure and enough fans pining for it, Digimon World Re: Thank you for this, really!!

Digimon re digitize full english patch download

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Romsstar, its all I can say for you and your team, doing this for us. You need to purchase a hacksaw.

I rf eager to play this game on PSP. Right back into translating? I just got around to beating the game and I must say it was amazing. Bandai Namco Games; Genre: I have been using the carrots and raddishes that kudamon provides, however, i feel that they are too costy in the long run.


Hi guys, does anyone know how to digivolve your rookie into Numemon the green slug with eyes? For digitizd issues I just went and patched with dubb version.

That you got this done so quickly for example, it took AGTP ten years or so to release Alpha Gaiden is incredibly impressive. Thank you so much!!! Hey its me again, the one who asked before about doing a full lets play. This may change in a future update, but that is difficult to confirm as of yet. And happy birth day to you romsstar and H.

Love u guys hope the update comes soon so that I can play it on my psp: We, gamers, really appreciate the time and effort the group has placed into translating this game in full English. You need to put the output in a different place than the input.