Hi i tried to apt-get remove fmobi on my N and i got this: After a while it works, even posted twice Then the facebook page shows up so i can log in.. After this, no more issues. Could you please post the error message that you are getting? The new Nokia font is grubby ; so I’d rather have the option of my defined system font I use Ubuntu: And another problem I had:

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How to launch it from terminal? Thanks for pointing that out!

fMobi v [ By Jiikoo ] for s60v5 S^3 Anna Belle Qt Singed – SMARTOSWORLD

P Then install fmobi and be happy I can confirm that this actually works! Yes Yes finally it started working It works now on my phone, are you sure hy downloaded the latest file from http: Just opened the application. Maemo version updated to 1.

Using this as my main mobile client now. Tmobi language added and some minor tweaking in some languages. Install the QT-Hotfixes from Post 72 http: Well, yeah, that’s just my lazyness with those files. Please help fmobi by jiikoo I cannot find a button in the message tab. A problem with fmobi. So easy to access the various options.


fMobi – Facebook client for Nokia phones

Now, the great Facebook client comes to the N I see my friends online list I can send message But the message seens not to go, or even stored in facebook messages How do I write private messages in this app? I just installed libqtm and it pulled the rest of the stuff needed for me. Hmmm, isnt libqtm optified? Ease of Use When you open the fmobi by jiikoo for the first time it would ask for your log In information email and password.

I am sorry to say that it is not the case.

fMobi v – JiiKoo – Symbian S^3 Anna Belle – Signed – SMARTOSWORLD

Autorefresh set to 22 minutes. Design The design of fMobi aimed for ease of use. I was not able to install Qt hot fmoobi though missing package. Result of expression ‘currentView. The new Nokia font fmobi by jiikoo grubby ; so I’d rather jiiooo the option of my defined system font I use Ubuntu: Do you have Qt hotfixes installed? Nice job – but not too happy with the enforced typeface. What is it doing to be consuming such CPU? Output from xterminal and fmobi screenshot.


Can someone please tell us how to get over all those differently-coloured screens with no facebook in them? Follow us on Instagram. When Fmobi by jiikoo get new messages in the chat window, it doesn’t scroll down to the new message. You will be greeted with the Home Screen Panel. Anyone else getting this? You can access key features of the app on it.