I’ll have mine up either today or within the next few days. Hello everyone, due to my recent inquiry about bullet, I was wondering if people think the Genesis series is worth buying. Carnahan Fan- Everyones heard of this. Cool and fun to do. Yes, my password is: Thanks for the review!

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Pretty easy, will genesis v1 andrei jikh eventually. Over two and a half hours of comprehensive training, with guest appearances by Jeff McBride shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is absolutely amazing. It was our goal with Genesis v2 to take everything you’ve seen or learned before – and then surpass it. Now is the time to take the next step.

Just add your own deck of cards and you should be ready to go: As for people not getting it cos’ it’s for Beginners On the DVD two versions are taught. I like hearing about the moves. Pretty cool I guess. I’ll have mine up either today or within the next few days. The original Genesis V11 is close to four hours of training, and it takes you from zero to sixty in cardistry faster and better than any other training resource.


Is Andrei Jikh’s Genesis series good to buy at this point? : cardistry

Even on the basics, people will still pick up some stuff they didn’t know before. I’m going to start downloading genesis v1 andrei jikh in a little bit. Nov 19, Nadrei Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make fun of me for doing so! What struck me is, that the DVD is labled “Beginner”, and Andrei was desperate to tell us all that it was going to be built on, but the moves, though easy, are super fun, look great and are easy to develop and build upon! Its extremely easy and swift.

The teaching on this DVD is phenomenal.

GENESIS v1 by Andrei Jikh – Review

Find cardists near you! Oct 21, Messages: Sure, beginners will benefit from this volume more than anyone. Reviews Do you own this product? Not all is as appears. Is Andrei Jikh’s Genesis series good to buy at this point? Genesis V2 by Andrei Jikh Step beneath the surface with intermediate card flourishing moves in this second volume of the Genesis training genesis v1 andrei jikh by Andrei Jikh.


You throw a card in the air and catch it in a flower fan. With unparalleled production quality, there has never been a cardistry training video like Genesis before, and with this second volume, we continue to push the envelope. Cool and fun to do. The first volume of Genesis was specifically designed for those on a beginner or intermediate ability level.

genesls In the preview video it is just shown in its most basic form. I too am surprised at the lack of reviews as there are normally tons of them. Its complex and difficult. Sounds like a good buy. If you are just starting, it’s fantastic. Pretty much every way a flourish can be taught is utilized on this DVD.