I believe in his product and when you talk to him ask him about me and our first meeting you will get a laugh out of it I think. For what does I need such aprogram as metacut utilities , if I only run 3axes? I think what I see here is a great way to do it now, that way there’s no mistaking what’s going on. I’ve alread said my peice on this subject, and it wasn’t pretty. Use an STL file for stock during verification. Posted September 19,

metacut utilities

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So editing and adjusting a multiple axis move, and locating a gouge in the middle of two intersecting surfaces translated through. I don’t think everyone is running fanuc or ISO code.

Sorry, I really didn’t explain myself about when I filter my G code. I am a MasterCam user and even though they have a filter I still use Metacut. I to have been trqained and have a Lic of this. I post my code using my machine specific post metwcut then run it thru Metacut. Download a free trial now. Always under the gun. If I had known it was doing that, I might have installed it and ran it to check ketacut out.

Phil Brylowski Cimatron Technologies.

Metacut utilities v3.08

I am working with it and has no problems with mastercam ,but metacut utilities crashes it all the way! And while it may sound too good to be true, MCU manages to do all of this without sacrificing ease of use or speed. A brief description of each of the views follows:. Subscribe to eMastercam News.


That way when you read gcode into Metacut it gets your Mastercam tool decriptions automatically. I never scrape if I use backplot and I trust it. MAstercams filter is one of the best out there in terms of internal filters but I feel that Metacut gives me more control.

As for statinf that UG is the best is a big statment. As I know most user of UG use Varicut for there to optimizer. General information – such as: Did you see this after the first time you ran MCU? Multiple view-ports in the graphics view. I use the MC one as I have found issues in the past that I need to pass on to bill.

metacut utilities

That’s what got me so upset. Metacut is a pretty good verify utilitly as long as utilitjes are doing 3X stuff on rectagular stock. I have know Bill for many years and consider him a good friend. That way when you read gcode into Metacut. I admint I’ve played with it a bit since then, and it’s kind of neat, but not something I would use very often. It changed icons menu order. You are certainly entitled to that, but at least be aware that there are a lot of people who are not having any trouble with MCU, and derive a lot of benefit from what is included with Mastercam.


MCU’s Verify option provides unbelievable detail in seconds, not hours and the model can be referenced right from the graphics screen!

Metacut utilities – Industrial Forum –

I saw absolutely nothing during the install saying anything about it. Open any other type of file, and the interface changes to a standard text editor! The graphical compare feature allows you to SEE the smallest changes between revisions of the same file or even between two different files.

Revision history – The revision history keeps a list of each revision that is made during a session. Selecting the graphical compare button in the graphics area will toggle between the two models for a direct comparison of the finish.

metacut utilities