Du musst ihn ja nich downloaden. The bus sounds way more powerful now and more brassy. It’s impossible to diagnose malfunction with on;y that error. I really liked that version. They really do downshift rapidly like that but it all depends on the settings of the transmission though. I still love your ZF mods. Hey you I tried to change the door.

omsi man sd202 d92 zf

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To turn them off, just use warning light switch off. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

omsi man sd202 d92 zf

There is an option to enable an faster downshift. My left mirror show the right side of the Bus and the right mirror is showing me the passenger cabin!?!

I still love your ZF mods. D94 ZF 6HP http: Share Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Thank you very much omxi those package! Extract contents to OMSI folder.

[OMSI] Deadhead: GG2 Route N73, MAN SD (D92, ) Kickdown – video dailymotion

Have you also replaced the sounds for some engines? Apparently throttle governor script overwritten the throttle delay variable.


omsi man sd202 d92 zf

There are same door scripts without “hot button”, ’cause I discovered that I want it in my modification when all was generally done, so I made new door script leaving an old one. Bei mir funktioniert es nicht.

MAN SD D94 v2.0 FINAL (17/06/2013)

It has oomsi been included. Vast improvement in the both performance. Do you have something about D94 in logfile. Wow, really good work! Hey, i use OMSI 1.

[OMSI] Deadhead: GG2 Route N73, MAN SD202 (D92, 3929) Kickdown

Also the shift it self is now way more smoother. What do you mean by “fix brakes”?

To change and configure that it’s a lot of job, dude. Share Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Ein ganz klares von mir.

That has now been fixed. If you can not speak above languages, please use google translator to post you question, I’ll try to figure it out and answer. Well, it’s one of the most common errors in OMSI, and could mean everything.


Is it able to bring it to work on the OMSI 1.

Used the correct sounds for the Man D engine. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. In city versions passengers are getting to the bus using all doors. This version is designed to newest 1.

If you change in. Reverse warning warning lights and rear gear engaged sound: Modification has 6 versions of MAN D Was ist da passiert. The Man D08 variant has been removed, as well as the Man D20 variant of the bus. I did everything right.