I am now using PM and have no problems whatsoever with it. When Papermaster Pro 6. I used this approach at my last engineering job. This is not the default, and if desired, you have to easily configure it to automatically place file attachments into the filing cabinet. I have used Papermaster for years an have thousands of efiles in the system. Beyond ariline e-tickets, it’s hard to find an area where there is less paper used today than ten years ago.

papermaster pro 7.0

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Used to track and store electronic documents as well as images of paper-based documents, Pro 7. All of which sound useful. Please help — where can I find these? It is written by j2 Global Communications. The installation and setup is easy using a standard Windows installation. I have been using Papermaster pro 6. Like I said — heaven on a stick.

When Papermaster Pro 6. My back-up is to D: This is good because Advanced Uninstaller PRO is one of the best uninstaller and general utility to take care of your Windows computer.

PaperMaster 98 is not working on Windows 7 but have worked on all previous operating systems.

Our company has been using Papermaster 98 since it started and have been scanning all our documents into that program! I could not find much information about the program. Go to their web site and download the trial version and look at it. I have had limited success in my communication with j2?? I heartily recommend using that utility regularly as PM98 sometimes screws up the links. Document names are shorter 8.


Like others, we have about 7 years of cabinets that need opening! License currupted — need to call with a bunch of numbers and enter a response code. If you have many documents, an archived daily backup will prevent a lot of frustration until Papermaster comes up with a fix. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a very useful package of tools. I contacted Papermaster J2 Comunications to see if there was a Vista commpatable version of Papermaster.

The loss of the cabinet icons is really irritatng. About 2 months ago, I lost my whole operating system and had to reinstall everything.

papermaster pro 7.0

A cabinet with your banks logo is much easier to find! I bought the upgrade — then deleted it before I screwed up my files. Take some time to get familiar ppro Advanced Uninstaller PRO’s interface and wealth of features available. Most Windows programs will bring up a help menu when the F1 key is pressed, but the program doesn’t support that basic functionality.


papermaster pro 7.0

Anybody experience with that. Given that other document management systems can cost thousands of dollars, you get a lot of value from Pro 7. Or is it Euros?

As fas as papermaster is concerned they are history at our office, even if I have to print every document to pdf. I used this approach at my last engineering job.

The Return Of PaperMaster Pro – loose wire blog

As I saw only a very small user base I was afraid that I would hook myself into a proprietary sytem that would dissapear. Users that installed PaperMaster Pro 7. After doing that, the program seemed to work ok again.

papermaster pro 7.0

KF grew and grew, we sold two HUGE systems, but found we had to move our business papernaster too far upscale and too far toward workflow to continue with them.