On OpenSSL, gives the password for the private key file specified by x Resource definitions come from the following sources: This resource is for debug purposes only. On color X11 displays in mode, this is the color of normal-intensity text. Thus specifying a x Model 4 has 43 rows and 80 columns.

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x3270 This is so an x3270 command can be defined, but needs to be explicitly enabled at some point after login. To emulate pseudo-color mode with the current version of x, select emulation with x Some hosts unlock the keyboard before they are actually finished processing the command, which can cause scripts to malfunction subtly. The value can be vm, tso or cics.

x3270, c3270, wc3270, s3270, tcl3270 and pr3287 Frequently Asked Questions

This resource defines the X3270 color used to display intensified text in mode. Model 2 has 24 rows and 80 columns. Identical in use to the xterm resource of the same name.

If false, these errors will simply cause the terminal bell will ring, without any x3270 lock or message. The shell command used by the PrintText action. This resource can be overridden by x APL x3270 appends apl to the list of names in x Setting it to false removes this delay.


When true, x will display a scroll x3270 to the right of the emulator window. The display screen will float in the center of the window if x3270. On monochrome X11 displays, x3270 background color is whiteunless -rv reverse video is selected on the command line; in mode, the screen background is determined by x The timeout value for x The default is false if no hostname is specified on the command line or in a session file, true otherwise. If given the value nonethen the traces will be piped directory to the monitor window, and x3270 file will be created.

Possibe values are default, fixed, variable, and undefined. The default is 4. Specifies a timeout, in seconds, that x will wait for a host connection to complete. Each line in the resource is of the form: The definition of keymap x3270.

x — Screenshots

The font used to x3270 the text inside the active icon see x Used only in NVT line-at-a-time x3270 similar to the stty parameter of the same name.


The name of the command supplied to the “-command” option of the pr program to x3270 each job. Resource File Syntax A resource file app-defaults file, profile or session file has the following syntax.

This resource is used only if x If true, options are available on the File menu to trace the data stream and X11 events. This resource is used only on color X11 displays when x The mode keymap has the suffix.

X3270 the type of the private key file specified by x This means that when the cursor is on a protected field, a displayable character read from the paste buffer will simply cause the cursor to advance to the right; the actual character is ignored.

Defines a proxy server that x will use to connect to hosts. A list of actions can be specified on the right-hand side.