These are text files, viewable in any editor such as Notepad. In this way it is possible to get data from a server on a local area network or on the internet. A window will then pop up on which the user needs to specify the exact RRC message to be inserted. No feedback from the UE. This is normally 5 s. The Common Physical Channel Configuration button is greyed out as this will be supported in a future release.

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SAS automatically assigns a verdict to a script. Now the user vieewer ready to drag and drop messages into the scripting pane. When the tests are run, there is a summary of the number of pass and fail verdicts returned. By providing different channels, each can be anite log viewer differently, eg the transport channel 3 is uses half rate coding while channels 1 and 2 only use third rate coding.

Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies

If we are using the handset as a modem and a PC as a client, we have all the tools we need built-in to Windows. For example, it is usual to filter out the BCCH messages since these are frequently repeated but the content is unchanging. The names are the ‘friendly names’ given on the cell configuration dialog.

It also demonstrates the information shown in the windows in the SAS main screen. Only the required records are then input and decoded in ALV. In this way it is possible to get data from a server on a local area network or on the internet.


Anite Test Engineer

No feedback from the UE. PRACH carries the random access preamble. Several log files can be opened anite log viewer the same time, and the windows can be arranged by selecting the options from the Window menu. SAS can also reduce the need viswer time-consuming field trials. The handle is invalid. They can also be opened from within the SAS application. When I copy the command line argument from the above output and run manually from cmd it works fine.

In SAS, this type of simulation is recorded as a run. Anite log viewer on this page determine how many of the different procedures that take place between the mobile device and the SAS system work. The messages are shown in a window on screen.

Anite Conformance Toolset

Because SAS can repeat test sequences automatically, it also helps to reduce instances of user errors occurring in highly repetitive tests. Attach Request is sent by aniet UE. An advanced and ajite application whose main function resides in helping you analyze the contents of your log files more easily.

There are several different script elements available in the elementpane: All of the tasks carried out by the user anite log viewer stored in the run files.


The user needs to specify the variable name, protocol discriminator and type of message.

IE Encode can only be used for anite log viewer messages and the value is used in the next downlink message. It then routes the packet data to the appropriate network. For each protocol layer, it is possible to filter the four types of message: More on this later in the course. As the car moves, the perceived signal quality of the network cells will change, and procedures such as handovers may occur.

It is possible to also set different colours for the expanded text, but this is not recommended since the colour selected would be used for the expanded text anite log viewer all protocol layers. Uplink messages are shown in red, downlink messages are shown in blue. Each type of procedure can be accepted or rejected.

This can be used to find out the time it takes for the UE to send a response.