Shadows and [I think] Syn. And When it say no one will care its talking about how it says in the bible that there will be a lot of sadness from the people in heaven because they see the people in hell and then it says God will take away all their pain and then they will start there new life in heaven. The transition from the intro section to the vocals is one of my favourite moments in the album. Not technically insane or anything but that part is just fun and upbeat. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Speaking of which, that riff in the verses is HUGE! Add your thoughts 33 Comments. General Comment I know your probably right because they dont seem anti-christian to me, but how do you know this?

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. There was an error. What is your favorite lyric? The title of the song is indicative of the true nature of the relationship. This person is trying to hold him back but he’s not gonna take this anymore he’s “breaking away” from them he won’t be ‘lost in the crowd’ anymore. Revereence Avenged Sevenfold an anti-christian band because judging by their lyrics avebged seems to me like it could go either way.


And All Things Will End. I’m alone in here No more feelings Killed my fears Don’t ask you’ll never know you’re left behind and I’ll avenged sevenfold desecrate through reverence exposed Far away, you keep on trying General Comment i agree.

General Comment I say they aren’t anti anything, just like they aren’t really for anything. However, the title means to desecratee or Disrespect through Respect. I can say this truthfully, cause i’ve been there before and that is exactly how i felt. What meaning did you get from the song? Not technically insane or anything but that part is just fun and upbeat. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of avenged sevenfold desecrate through reverence User Agreement and Privacy Policy.



Because of this it doesn’t really stand out on the record. These WtF songs seem much deeper than I originally thought Not one in the crowd, but one with the answer the one that could change your mind But it’s not true, I don’t know you Don’t waste your time, and don’t waste mine I’m not your friend, I won’t soothe your soul And in the end you’re all dead to me Desecrate Through Reverence Song Discussion Here are the templates to discuss the song, not required, but here for your sake.


I think its more about someone that he had a bitter fight with in the past that he hasn’t forgiven. Want to add avenged sevenfold desecrate through reverence the discussion? General Comment yeah the cd is good.

Avenged Sevenfold – Desecrate Through Reverance Lyrics | SongMeanings

I have two different sections contending for my favorite moment: I think its about the end of days and about all the people who are going to hell and how it will be down there.

Desecrate Through Reverance song meanings. Lyrics submitted by Thienskater. The clean vocals at the end Far turough, you keep on trying Now the friend needs help but only finds a hardened heart from what he did in the past Flag deviousminds on May 03, Create througu account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

User does not exist. It’s not the worst song of theirs, but it’s nowhere near one of the avenged sevenfold desecrate through reverence. This is their best cd.