Anonymous May 18, at 7: However, if it seems like demand is high enough and people are willing to play against AI bots that don’t make use of the new features or abilities Razor’s AI, for example, will be more or less completely broken , then I can continue to back-port features, at least for the purpose of trying new items and builds on something. Anonymous September 4, at 9: HideAnthrax September 18, at 8: Anonymous January 23, at 5: Force Entry Works with first skill, when penny enlargement is activated Master Bator can blink strike to an enemy hero with the dildo like sword that stuns an enemy depending on skill 1 level.

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He took this time to make something for everyone, and i think he much well deserve this thanks. Alletars October 12, at 5: I’ve been pretty busy last week. GreatJustice March 16, at 6: Alief April 15, at 8: What the fuck is it with all these ppl Anonymous February 22, at 3: You can check it here: While there are still some spells that do not interact well with it, there are many more that do now.


If you found broken download links, please email dota allstars 6.60 ai. Anonymous February 2, at Anonymous April 26, at Another new feature doa a dynamic terrain morphing command available on a per user basis including trees.

▷ Dota Ai b Download (Stable + Rev2d Ai Download)

Anonymous March 4, at 6: Update 9 IceFrog already show us the new items layout, check it on Dota 6. Anonymous August 13, at 9: I’ll try to post a preview for it when it is close to release. You don’t understand the time it takes to make an AI map and also he has a life too aj know.

I Love this game i play in Garena u can play too download here http: It’s done when it’s done. Alexis, tauren chieftan counters davion quite harshly his aura removes all davions base armor.

Thanks again for the patience, I’ll do my best to give you guys an update as soon as it feels ready and when it is only a day or two away from release.

If allatars all so excited, and you can’t wait for the AI map, then make one yourself.

I mean, zeus has the power of lightning, fire for batrider, water dita morphling, ice for rylai, nature for rooftrellen, earth for raigor, darkness for balanar, light for omniknight, and many more.


People forget about Dota. Anonymous November 7, at 2: Get the download link on Dota-Allstars 6. Master Bator is the master of all bat-riders.

Dota allstars ai map Free Download

Maybe you have not the last version of Warcraft III. ZyB-Er – Thanks for post it. Tauren will have some decent and surprising skills, im sure of that as Icefrog’s idead were alwys great You should let someone work on their map and not allow anyone to DownLoad it. I’m really anxious about the new hero in 6. Just wanting to express my gratitude to BuffMePlz.

I apologize for the delay since my last post. Ty for xllstars this really long post: This post is created dota allstars 6.60 ai give the latest vota about Dota 6.