Initial impressions; these work quite well. The Prepar3D V4 add-on “Bergamo professional” has been updated to version 1. Don’t expect a refund from Wilco or any help. Special thanks to N. This is a limitation we have regarding the virtual cockpit.

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As always, this repaint is dirty, weathered, worn down and torn up. Posted March 3, Posted March 23, Posted February 5, Fly safe, land safe and enjoy the paint! Can I use a Download Manager to retrieve my files? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this fsc.

Everything is fine in the 2D panel. SimMarket has inofrmed me that this is not wilfo issue they can deal with since they are evolhtion the platform to sell this product. Radio The radio master switch located on the Radio Management Panel is efficient and the radio stops when the switch is off.

Fxx tests have also been conducted with crosswind. If you look in the 2D panel, it works perfect, but it looks strange in the virtual cockpit. We recommend you to download using Internet Explorer and, to optimize download performances, make use of a download manager plugin such as http: It would be getting 4 stars, but it is up to the individual, since you have to have patience to enjoy fsx wilco airbus evolution vol.2 bird.


Rendering is improved without any impact on the refresh rate.

Wilco Airbus Vol 2 is making me go CRAZY

The key can be defined in the key configurator. You will need Wilco’s Airbus Series Vol. This aigbus is available in the following versions: In order to take advantage of these improvements, getting a recent version AIRAC of the navigation database is strongly recommended.

You can disable the Direct X 10 Preview feature. Hope we can find a fix because I really love this bird I will let you know in a minute what the faulty module is.

A shortcut has been created and available from the Windows menu, Wilco Publishing folder. To category Simulation Games. Bergamo professional – Update 1. Magento maintenance by Ecoto. This product requires an online activation during the installation process on your Flight Simulator computer.

Airbus Evolution Vol. 2

This problem has been reported by some users, but didn’t happen to the beta-testers. This is what we need to Know!


This database is up-to-date and contains much more information than the database originally provided with the Airbus Series. Shaun–I tryed to change pathway but it says “Invalid directory” after I try to change it!

During the installation process, simply browse the installer to this folder. The use of the Paint Kits requires Adobe Photoshop. This makes the approach the approach smoother with less variation of engine power.

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In addition, I experienced various sound malfunctions, where I could not obtain any response sound wise from the engines, only the APU. This is especially visible for waypoints that describe a turn to a waypoint or a radial interception because a nice curved route is then drawn on the navigation display ND. I have heard abut the wilco evolution, deluxe, standard etc Posted July 3,