They had looked far deep into the future so many years ago. Today is Narasimha Jayanthi. Rama is indeed the highest teaching. Spirituality is not something alien to us. He sat in the small cave on the hill. But in the first place why did God Create Life? The lower creatures try to find this bliss in the fulfillment of the primitive desires like appetite, lust etc.

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Does the translation need to be taken in a numeric sense? I krsihna that for health reasons it is good to give rest to our intestine but what is the spiritual connection? Unlike the other Veda Mantras, the Mahamantra has absolutely no rules and restrictions.

Advertisements Leave a comment. I have wasted about 40 years of my life by not chanting the Mahamantra regularly. Newer Post Older Post Home. There may be so many other reasons that are not visible to the naked eye and the intellect.

Of late, I have been reading some of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s works. Even if we try to do so, it may be only one such reasons. True happiness lies within you. It mandates purity and cleanliness in all respects.

Resetting things back to the original state itself is a great bliss. The squabbling continued over the ownership of this last verse. I am like fire: The more you chant, the closer you get to your goal.


Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji | Guru and Namakirtan | Page 16

No other purpose is chantihg to or more significant than this To think ‘What is the purpose of my Creation’ is the very purpose of Lord’s Creation The true purpose of existence can be understood only if one attains a Guru Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan: To keep the temple as the real temple, Nama Kirtan has to be done there too. They require appropriate ‘Nyasa’s. He was still not convinced about what Bhagavan Ramana had told swany. Continue to chant the Mahamantra with faith and devotion.

Doubts cease completely only in that final experience of truth. The only remedy is to put in more and more dedicated and sincere efforts. That is verily the cause sawmy your problem. Having compassion of the Lord as the foundation, the one which has no rules, the one which can eradicate the force of Kali, Namakirtanam is the only resort. He has not prescribed any path.

Some of them say that it is inauspicious to have peepul trees at home. Nama Article 15th July So, trying to get rid of doubts by intellect is to only multiply them. Nothing we earn today would come with us to the final destination but only the Divine Name WILL One should constantly repeat the names of God irrespective of any activity that he might be involved in While you concentrate on your studies and prepare yourself for your future, you also need God’s grace.


Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji | Guru and Namakirtan | Page 58

It is only since the last 6 months, that I have started chanting regularly. No other purpose is equal to or more significant than this. You can take my word for it. Even then worries, fear in life, etc. He also performed incessant Rama japa.

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The more you think about the world, the more your heart is filled with dirt and filth. Nectarine Rama Nama is the heart of Vedas. I am not sure which the right path is for me and how I should go from here.