Does Harmony Improvisator work in Cubase 5 bit? Explore unusual, contentful chords and harmonic ideas by just clicking the mouse. Search Contact Privacy Policy. Therefore one no longer has to learn functions and rules by heart in order to create classically correct, colorful music – Thus the composer can fully concentrate on the creative part of his or her work. Does Harmony Improvisator create sound itself? Soon you will find some chords that sound interesting one after another or that fit a given melody.

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Is there a Mac version of Harmony Improvisator? Download from the Author’s Website.

Is the Reference Manual available in other languages than English? Even professional composers invest a remarkable amount of time in trying out chord progressions. It can be controlled via MIDI input or by clicking the harmonic functions of the graphical user interface.

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Harmony Improvisator

Patterns can be modified in many ways: Yes, there is a version for Mac OS X. All our customers will automatically be notified about any updates via harmnoy.

Yes, Harmony Improvisator includes a built-in synthesizer to play back harmonies without the need for any other plug-ins.

The Genius of Harmony Harmony Improvisator is the most advanced harmonic composition tool on the market. With Harmony Improvisator it is easy to incorporate your hatmony into a project of any style.


For many projects though, it makes sense to connect Harmony Improvisator’s MIDI output to an external harmony improvisator vst mac or synthesizer in order to be able to engage different kinds of instruments.

Touch the track pad with two fingers while you are pressing the mouse button down.

What is a VST plugin? Whether pop-music or choral – correct harmonic progression is now accessible in your VST host.

Every white key corersponds to a unique pattern that you can create. Do you offer any student discounts?


The mathematical logic of harmonic theory, which has evolved within the art of composition over centuries, is rarely emphasized in today’s music software.

The plugin always registers the most recent chords you have tried so that you can go back easily.

Until now we have not managed to get Harmony Improvisator to work properly in this particular Cubase version, but we hope that this will change soon. These patterns are automatically saved when saving your host project and you can store patterns to external files at any time. Also, the global voicing of a pattern improvisatr be changed for each of them via the voicing hramony matrix. Imprint Ordering Terms and Conditions. Does Harmony Improvisator work with Windows bit?

It opens up the infinite world of harmonic theory by making centuries-old knowledge uniquely transparent. VisualVox allows to isolate and pitch shift single notes from polyphonic audio material. When you download the free demo harmony improvisator vst mac purchase the full version, you automatically receive both the Windows and the Mac mad. Explore unusual, contentful chords and harmonic ideas by just clicking the mouse. Even professional composers invest a remarkable amount of time in trying out chord progressions.


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🎅 Download Harmony Improvisator VSTi WiN MAC INTEL-AEROKiLLER

Harmony Improvisator provides clever harmonic suggestions for continuing a train of harmonic functions Creativity is stimulated by the opening up of unlimited space for harmonic experimentation. Terms Of Service Advertising Contact. You can arrange different patterns at different time positions in your project with your keyboard or with a midi harmony improvisator vst mac For us the best way to prevent piracy is to give people some additional value which they can not just download in a moment: However, if you work with a bit system we strongly recommend trying out the free demo version first before buying the full version to make sure it works on your system.

How will I know when an update of Harmony Improvisator is available?