Microsoft Interlnk Version 1. Historically, we all used Knoppix , because this was the first Live Linux CD to be widely circulated. Puppy Linux is an alternative for systems that are short of memory. However, you could use a boot manager to run Windows when you wanted to backup your files to an external USB hard drive. MS-DOS 6 comes with an alternate program called interlink.

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Filesharing Linux Windows Microsoft blogposts. You can even disable compression or laplink v for dos it to “low” so that it doesn’t take a long time to pack everything up. If you have two PCs with serial ports and a null modem cable, you could also transfer the files using the free File Maven software instead of LapLink.

Norton Commander doesn’t neccessarily keep timestamps and attributes when copying. I want to copy all the files on my C drive to a ZIP disk. If you only need system files backed up you can also use xcopy, although that doesn’t do compression, but if it’s only C: The links are powered by Skimlinks.

EXE on another computer where the files will be copied. Use a cable Going back to the days before Microsoft Windows 3. Display posts from previous: Assuming your laptop still has a Windows laplonk with a COA certificate of authenticity number, you could create a secondary doa and install Windows alongside the DOS on your primary partition. If you do anyway, it will be deleted without further notice. Now insert these bootable floppies in both PCs and boot switch on both computers. Post the login details in the Private Servers section instead.


Thank you all for the laplink v for dos. However, I’ve given up on the numerous versions of Puppy and just use ,aplink. Joined Fri May 14, But if it means unscrewing lots of tiny screws, it’s not something I’d want to do every week, and certainly not every day.

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If so, the simplest approach would be to boot from a Live Linux disc. I wanted to use Norton Commander 3. EXE Above command on second computer will actually establish a connection between both computers and an laplink v for dos drive letters will be assigned to available drives to target computer. These four files may also be placed in the root area of C: Forum rules Please read the following rules before posting a download request in this area: Going back to the days before Microsoft Windows 3.

That way you get compression and you can simply extract single files from the backup set if you need them. Lots of websites have instructions, but Ubuntu’s How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows is a good place to start. This section explains how you can transfer data between almost any computer.


Of course, if your laptop doesn’t have an optical drive, you can use your desktop PC to create a bootable version of Linux on a USB memory stick instead.

BAT file, are required for data transfer. Don’t post a request if you have under 10 posts as stated on the front page. Or are my system specs too low?

How can I transfer files from my DOS laptop?

It’s a program to backup your entire C drive. Thu Jul 02, MS-DOS 6 comes with an alternate program called interlink.

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