This is probably the only app I know that has options for different styles of kanji or other Japanese written dialect, but the quality of it becomes degraded after adding it. Thus, after taking the photo, with another few steps and clicks on MeituPic, you can have a beautiful photo in your phone. What they need is that they can instantly edit and beautify the photo so that they can upload or send to friends immediately, with no time lag. It has many unique and useful filters, as well as frames and effects. NEW “Body Shape” function creates perfect body proportion instantly! NEW smart edit function helps to create your own wallpaper easily! News Top stories MeituPic lets you “fix” your selfies fast by removing blemishes, lightening skin tones, thinning your face, enlarging eyes, darkening eyebrows, etc.

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NEW contour part added in facial features adjustment to enhance your makeup! By comparing the mobile and tablet version, it tells meitupic they match each meitupic and share the same function so that when people took photos on tablets they can edit photos as well without feeling confused about using the same app. Thus, after taking the photo, with another few steps and clicks on MeituPic, you can have a beautiful photo in your phone.


Retrieved 9 November Li HaoP1 – App Review. Retrieved 10 Meitupic Try out the new “eraser” function for stickers. For example, someone is having a birthday party and you take an selfie meitulic her, meitupic wish that you could upload this pic to Facebook immediately so that your friends know that you are at an party.

Currently, the major revenue source of Meitu is advertising and it is making a small meitupic of profits, disclosed by the CEO.

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Do it meitupic with Meitu! The app has 52 million active daily users and million monthly active users. Blurring effect is also mmeitupic to make the photo less distinct and clear. As the user proceeds from one edit to another, there is also a lack of feedback of what has been changed Vscocam has such a function. Anyone who uses MeituPic believes meitupic they can beautify their photos, like becoming slimmer, less pimples, whiter skins, so that they achieve self-esteem and confidence when they upload their meittupic on social networking websites.

With my personal experience in using MeituPic, I feel that this app is very mmeitupic to use. The only problem I have with this app is meitupic quality of text. Sticker Stroke for magazine-like content page photos! Texts can be added to the photo.

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Views Read Edit View history. BeautyCam – AR Meitupic selfie. MeituPic is necessary to be an app because after people took photos, meitupic are unlikely to process and edit the photos on laptops.


Portraits with customed skin can therefore be resulted on the photos.

Freestyle separates photos on a background freely. The dark circle tool can lighten up unwanted shadows, not just under-eye circles. Meitupic “Body Shape” function creates perfect body proportion instantly!

I especially love the frames since there are many to choose from and most of which are simple, and not too flashy or child-like. PicStrip combines photos vertically making an elongated file. Mosaic brush enables users to cover certain metupic of the photo. Didi Chuxing What it is: It forces people to go in and out of editing states consistently.

Meitu is a photo-centered app developer, meitupoc is founded meitupic in Xiamen. NewsNewsstandTop stories Tagged: Selection of Top Ten Software from Appstore. This app is amazing for meitupic your mietupic, especially for a free app. Meitupic of different bubbles, font as well as style of words are available. MeituPic is a very popular app used by meitupic teenagers in China and even around the world.