Hi Jerry — Your Blend setup log file shows that there is something wrong with the Silverlight 4 Tools, and that is what caused Blend to fail to install. October 10, at 6: Of course, this will only work if you can find someone who also has a Zune, and has the same game as you. October 10, at 4: Verifying we’re the only installation currently in progress. You can also report setup issues via the Connect site – please include your log files as attachments when doing this. You can find more information about getting the 3.

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Games compiled and deployed in the CTP must be recompiled and redeployed using the beta. There are instructions in that blog post for how to delete old CTP games from your device.

I have attached the vslogs. CreateProcess launched with cmd line: Download location – http: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. XNA Game Studio 3. July 12, at 5: Microzoft 31, at 7: If you run into an installation or uninstallation failure for the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, you can use the log collection tool to gather your setup log files.

Links with information about the XNA Game Studio 3.0 community technology preview

Queued Deferred Reboot — Value: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. This means that the main differences between the beta and the final release are bug fixes and small fit-and-finish improvements. February 7, at Here are some links with information about how to download xnq get started using the XNA Game Studio 3.


September 18, at 8: There are instructions in the readme that explain how to update your CTP projects. There is no 64bit support yet, but Microsoft did note that it should come in time for RTM.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP

The notable exception to this are the following: Here are some links to useful documentation to help you get started with the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta:. February 9, at You must uninstall the pre-release microsoft xna game studio 3.0 ctp studlo to installing the final release.

September 17, at The Windows and Xbox projects share high resolution content, and the Zune project includes low resolution content that is appropriate for the Zune device. For others reading these comments in the future, I posted more detailed instructions for diagnosing and working around this type of issue in the blog post at blogs. The best way to get help for setup issues is to gather your log files, upload them to a file server of your choice, and then post a question on the Creators Club general forum that includes a link to your log files.


There are various improvements to the actual software, such as additional media support and sound effects, but the biggest potential will come from the fact xnz the CTP allows for multiplayer gaming across a Zune wireless ad-hoc network. Game projects created in the CTP must be manually updated to work in the beta.

November 10, at If you try to compile a CTP project in the beta, you will get an error that contains a link to the beta readme.

Final version of XNA Game Studio now available for download – Aaron Stebner’s WebLog

July 24, at Betsy Aoki’s WebLog says: When doing this, please be sure to search for related issues before posting something because your question may have already been answered. I’d suggest trying to use microwoft cleanup tool described at blogs. Aaron Stebner’s WebLog says: Will this be compatible with windows XP at some point and if not then at the very least will the XNA framework 4 redist be compatible?