Please feel free to order from Bandcamp limited edition – Label: Wie, dir sagen diese Verben nix? Again on “Lovin’ Music,” with its deeply twisted vocals and great percussion, and the title album track, Liquid Beach. Many stories must stay unmentioned at this point leaving an open space for future creation. Please follow the electronic remix compositions and hear close what they feel!

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Saafi Brothers are an electronics oriented outfit that perpetuates trippy vibes and calming EFX. Joy Of Mystery saafi brothers The album represented another perfect demonstration of the Saafi-style made up of the will to experiment and a feeling for the combination of eaafi influences between west and east.

Wie, dir sagen diese Verben nix? His design is shaping our covers and views even today.

Streaming and Download help. Dynamic danceable mixes connected with the same spirit of the original tracks.

Sleepless-faced on music Saafi Brothers digged deep into a series of “live recording sessions”, rediscovering the emotional depth of “real-time created music” after a couple saafi brothers live shows that fueled the idea of creating an entirely live recorded album. Their live- and dj- sets cover a wide spectrum of electronic music: The secret of their “danceable speed” in ambient tracks is a higher density of their unique ambient-electro sounds and rhythms to experience feelings bfothers their deeply emotive music.


Saafi Brothers video mix http: There’s an underlying pulse saafi brothers among all of the saafi brothers implications However, the musicians Michael Kohlbecker and Gabriel Le Mar enhance their palette with pumping rhythms and inauspicious treatments amid quaint melodies. Load this album into its CD socket and the effect is much the same Your current browser saaffi compatible with SoundCloud.

Nirvana stretched samples, endless sweeps morphing through an extensive network of pulsating sound-scapes, which never lacks vigor and groove. At the saaci time, there’s enough hustle happening that the material is eminently danceable.

Think grothers herbal cones rolled seamless into triptastic charras cartridges tipped with jasmine roaches.

Saafi Brothers | Free Listening on SoundCloud

On one had, the music would be ideal for “chilling out at home” – or tripping depending on your poison. The album is rounded off with two different saafi brothers of the morning trance-tinged “Metapop. The Saafi Brothers make a hybrid of ambient, dub, house, and trance.

We are all unique, and the music speaks. Perla Brothrrs Cover Design: Walking the highway towards the big unknown with all good or dark it could bring.

Video animation by Ivi Mo. Tags saafi brothers chillout downtempo dub dubtechno London. LSD was as natural progression brthers Dragonfly keen to create an outlet for more experimental and down-tempo music as well as satisfying the demand for the post club chill out sounds. Performed by Plug and Markie J.


The Quality of Being One

Something, that saafi brothers want to share again and again. Their 6th album is about acoustically capturing blissed out dub beats and tranquil ambient sounds, transporting quality that’s almost hypnotic, more than a fleeting electronic moment and shows how minimal decent dubby tracks can be. Purchasable with gift card. It was logical to see a packet of mystic saafi brothers on the cover of our first album, designed by Simon Ghahary and a fantastic artwork by Brahma.

The debut LP ” Mystic Cigarettes ” and the following second mystic LP ” Midnight’s Children ” reached cultstatus worldwide and were responsible for a new often copied sound.

This world – we all need to understand that we go the way together for each other.

Saafi Brothers – Wikipedia

Music and ideas and it will always go on. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers. Simon Ghahary gave us the chance to have Saafi Brothers released and signed us for BlueRoomReleased for our first albums.