You can’t onion skin in the program. Teacher explains line and movement. For differentiated instruction I tend to have the high students help others, make longer animations. Notice that when you make a move, there is a shadow. Sites for Parents and Students. Present animation to the class for a critique and grade. That is a no-no in my class.

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I have them watch the TED talk video to help the understand. SWBAT identify trade terms in stykx. Move your stick figure or a pivot point to make the stykz animations you want for your animation.

Students will then practice recreating those cycles using Stykz. SWBAT create a basic walk and run cycle animation. The language I think is in Russian. I tell the students to close and restart. Teacher will provide examples and explanations for the walk and run cycle in animation. When you are done with your first frame and you have everything where you want it, click New Frame in the frame box.


SWBAT identify line stykz animations movement. As you get more adventurous with your animations, you ajimations add other figures and change colors. You must be logged sgykz to keep, like, or comment on stykz animations resource. Special Education Teacher Page.

Otherwise they will change the frame per second in order to slow or speed animationw up.

Animations Made With Stykz

The new frame will open outlined in red. To save your file as a movie. Students work on their animation and do the post production of adding sound in iMovie or Moviemaker. That is a no-no in my class.

Stykz Downloads

Continue making new frames to until you have all the moves you want to create your animation. They need to save often. Sites for Parents and Students.

I also use Quizlet to create flash cards, test, and group game for the students to review trade terms. Contact, Down, Passing, Up, repeat Contact It shows stykz animations the position of your work in the last frame.


Stykz Animation Tool – Teaching with Technology

Stykz also offers tutorials and more help under the Support tab and the button on the home page. This is called an “onion-skin”.

Qnimations create an animation using line and movement. Animatjons create a basic animation that tells a story involving sports. To begin creating a simple Stykz animation, download the program to your computer. Show the video by Alan Becker stykz animations youtube: Notice that when you make a move, there is a shadow.

There is often profanity or extreme violence. If you go the quizlet.

The lesson uses the free software Stykz mac or pc to teach students how to create a basic walk and run cycle animation. Present animation to the class for a critique and grade.