The take away point here is that we often plan our activities by the working week, or by some other human derived measure of time. Rua banished Tangaroa to the ocean; the survivors of the followers of Tangaroa fled to the waters of ocean and land, where, together with the offspring of Te Pu-whakahara, Takaaho, and Hine-moana, they are known as the aitanga a Tangaroa the progeny of Tangaroa. He can be kind and giving and then suddenly turn angry and violent. The following passage from Fornander is of interest: Tangaroa-a-mua is unexplained, but Tangaroa-a-tai was a name adopted when he was appointed as one of the poutiriao or guardians of the ocean. The vast expanse of the ocean is the domain of Tangaroa, great lord of the sea. In one old Rarotongan story of Tangaroa the names of Oroio and Roaki are mentioned.

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Webarchive template wayback links. It means Tangaroa with skin like a shark, with skin like stone.

At the Hawaiian Isles Tangaroa bears but an indifferent reputation. A reasonably good day for taai food. The tagaroa to this approach is that we have to separate our wellbeing from the seven-day week or the working week. What we know in human physiology is that at a molecular level, we have a certain biorhythm that has a relationship with the cycles of the moon. This peculiar myth probably contains some hidden meaning unknown tangaroa whakamau tai us. In the North Island he is generally said to have been one of the seventy male offspring of the primal parents, but in some cases we meet with different statements.


A connection between Tangaroa and the moon runs through these old myths. He also caused the nine heavens to be formed, and he, Tangaloa, resided in the ninth heaven, where his place of abode was Fale-‘ula Maori, Tanbaroa.

Our relationship with fat. Such as daylight, and moon cycles, rather than those developed by humans e.

Tangaroa Whakamautai | Maisey Rika

Rua went down into the ocean and succeeded in slaying the ocean denizens by means of sunlight, which is fatal to such beings. Saturday 24th of September — Tangaroa a Roto A productive day for fishing and planting food. He then caused spirit, heart, will, and thought to enter man, and so man became intelligent. Read Part 3 here. Tangaroa is known at Manihiki, as shown by Tregear, and doubtless at many other tangaroa whakamau tai, the lore of which has not been tangaroa whakamau tai known to us.

At Uea, or Tangaroq Wallis IslandTangaloa is said to have dragged up the land from the depths of the ocean, as he did at Tau, where he is said to reside in the heavens and to be the originator of thunder and lightning.

Words by Rangi Matamua. This is a similar process that a PT, or strength and conditioning coach will take. A singular myth is that concerning Tangaroa and Rua.

Maori Religion and Mythology Part 1

However, in my opinion, planning physical activity by the phases of the moon, will enable the body to respond in a more positive manner to physical stimuli, than the random seven-day gym split provided by your PT. Perhaps he is best compared to Whiro, page inasmuch as he represents evil. The worthy Tangaroa seems to have several other descriptive names, tangaroa whakamau tai as Tangaroa-a-timu and Tangaroa-a-mua. For this reason, it was important that offerings were made to Tangaroa before any such expedition Orbell For other uses, see Tangaroa disambiguation.


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In Tangaroa we find another important departmental being. Whakwmau and stability Rongo Time: Papa then marries Rangi White —, I: Tangaloa dwelt in space, before earth was; he caused land tangaroa whakamau tai appear; he caused man to appear, then the heart, then will, then thought. Victoria University tia Wellington Library. Tangaloa is one of the oldest Polynesian deities and in western Polynesia for example, Samoa and Tonga traditions has the status of supreme creator god.

Some of them, the giants and taniwha of the deep, such as the Wehenga-kauki, Tutara-kauika, Ruamano, and Arai-te-uru, have their task of assisting distressed tangaroa whakamau tai and deep-sea voyagers. He and Kiwa and Kaukau were the three beings appointed in the dawn of time as guardians for the vast area of Hine-moana, who is the personified form of the ocean. The lunar month appears to have a rhythmic flow between good days and not so good days.