You can see that GIF here k. Note the use of short, restrictive DOS-style “8. Instead, use the arrow and pushpin tools at the top of the menu bar to distort the shape of the basic tile. This is a “sharp” contrast to most other tessellation programs, which usually allow sharp and rounded corners. It will run under DOS, Windows 3. And it’s no wonder. Learning to use the program doesn’t require any reading, but the interface is occasionally confusing and requires some experimenting.

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Instead, tesselmania the arrow and pushpin tessellmania at the top of the menu bar to distort the shape of the basic tile. To create a tessellation, one must start by tesselmania a vague pattern from a menu of flips, rotations, and offsets. Also use the pushpin to drag existing “turning points” to new locations.

Once your tile is finished, click on a button to see the completed pattern. You can get basic results tesselmania, but fine tuning the outline is difficult.

Tessellation Maker Software | General Information

Deluxestudents will see how math and art connect, too. These animations are NOT savable tesselmania distributable without clever use of a 3rd tesselmania screenshot program.

Clicking on a line with the “pushpin” tool creates a new turning point; clicking on a turning point with the “scissors” tool removes that point. For this review, I captured one of these animations easily using the tesselmania screencapture program “SnagIt”, and then converted that data into an AVI video and an animated GIF.


Note the up- and down-arrows at the right. This is a vast improvement over the somewhat cryptic tile-pattern menus in other programs. The three main tools you use in this stage will only work in “normal viewing size”.

TesselMania! Deluxe | Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium

We tesselmaia be changing the sample tessellations posted here often! The setup isn’t difficult, however: This massively useful feature is strangely lacking in many other tessellation programs. However, I’ve seen worse help menus in tessellation programs. If you know tesselmania we can find a copy tesselmania review or where copies are being sold, please contact us. You will be unable to run or switch to almost all other programs while running Tesselmania.

There’s no other educational software like TesselMania! Please Visit this page tesselmania Lets students showcase their tessellations as posters, tesselmania, calendars, banners, 3-D objects, and even t-shirts.

Teachers may freely use the materials within their teaching environment. Trsselmania website is copyright c MECC. Learning to use the program doesn’t require any reading, but the interface is occasionally confusing and requires some tessemlania. Notice that the text is cut off along the right-hand side. Magic buttons animate tessellations and show how they fit together, so students tesselmania see how their original designs were created and how they tesselmania to tile the plane.



This color distortion is neither optional nor adjustable. Once you’re done making tesselmania pattern, you choose how to save your masterpiece. The good news, as of Novemberis that software author Kevin Lee has created ” Tesselmaniac “a new program and successor to the program tesselmamia on this page, “Tesselmania”. I tested this technique, and had no problem using the Tesslmania key on my keyboard to copy the entire current screen, then paste it into a few other programs They can be dragged to resize, reshape, tesselmania reproportion the tile’s outline.

Best of all, they can now create terrific projects like posters, banners, t-shirts, cards, 3-D objects, and puzzles! These tools and the tools specific to tessellation are above average for a standalone tessellation program. Yellow parts tesselamnia your tesselmania design, for example, will become bluish purple in some of the other tiles.

As a result of Tesselmania’s limitations, all programs will be in color mode until you exit TesselMania.