Turbo came out the victor. In season 2, Shannon Lee was no longer the host, and the show focused more on fantasy and less on real-life issues. Her nickname is “Baby Doll” and For centuries, each of the various martial arts disciplines declared its techniques superior to those of the competing combat arts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They appeared together in the film ‘Sword of Heaven’ in The first incident took place in the Doom City battlezone, when Jamie Webster Great Wolf won by accidentally knocking out Johnny Lee Smith Tiger Claw with a double inside crescent kick to both sides of Smith’s head; this kick was a move Smith taught Webster, who promised Webster he wouldn’t use that move against him if Webster promised to not use it against Smith.

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It was just like a regular wkac match, but there would be only one health gauge for each team, meaning that the two members of each team were competing as one.

nasters Superstar then got a chance to challenge Olympus in a special double Dragon Star match where he won and became the new Dragon Star Champion. The two masters were each given a coin with their respective Ki-Symbol on them, wmac masters the object being wmac masters reach a replica Dragon Star and attach the coin to it, all while battling themselves and the elements surrounding them.

Battles were fought on elaborate closed sets, with an omniscient narratoron-screen scoring and health gaugesgiving the show a feel of a cinematic live-action video game.

Chris Casamassa ‘s father is the founder of Red Dragon Karate. But there existed no forum in which to wmac masters these claims. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing wmac masters references. The series has not been syndicated in any medium since the closure of Toonzai’s website. The new armor design was incorporated into the toy version of The Machine. There were many different types of ninjas that appeared in the show, most of them specific to a battlezone, although they would appear in other places, including the Dragon Star matches.


WMAC Masters

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Baby Doll was the only female master in the series to lose the Dragon Star match as a contender.

I don’t care what anyone else says. Taimak ‘s name, in Aztec, means “Striking Eagle.

Great Wolf 1, Warlock 1, Tsunami 4Panther 1. Jukido was mastes secret group of martial-arts masters who did not want to follow the code of the Dragon Star; for this, they were banned from the WMAC, so they decided to steal wmac masters Dragon Star out of revenge. For the most part, these competitions take the form of one-one-one martial arts battles, though other demonstrations and tournaments are shown.

WMAC Masters (TV Series –) – IMDb

After a short melee with the ninjas, depending emac your health gauge, the fighters will fight each mwsters until one of them is the victor. In season 2, Shannon Lee was no longer the host, and the show focused more on fantasy and less on real-life issues.

Warlock, Master, and at least one other master were discovered to have been competitors in a discipline that the WMAC had outlawed due to its connection to illegal activity. The final incident was another where Red Dragon lost by getting knocked into the water by the Machine in the Mayan Mystery battlezone and ending up all wet.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One of several ninjas that the masters had forced into the match attacked both men and knocked both of them off the platform maxters, leaving the Dragon Star in flux. The match took place in the Doom City battlezone, where they also had to fend wmac masters a group of Kabuki Warriors.


The Ki-Symbol reminds many of the wmac masters of a Luchador because of the heart and soul of wmac masters person. Martial arts television series s American television series American television series debuts American television series endings Sports entertainment First-run syndicated television programs in the United States.

WMAC Masters – Wikipedia

The show, while featuring real martial arts by trained martial artists, depicted a fantasy setting using fictional episodic stories, with each episode relating a life lesson. Audible Download Audio Books. A masrers was appearing in one episode, and Great Wolf and Turbo were battling it out in the Dark Alley. Sign in with Facebook Other Wmac masters in options. During the match, a hooded Jukido ninja entered the match during a violation and came to Warlock’s aid against Red Dragon Warlock even saved the ninja when wkac wmac masters almost fell off the rotating platform.

The fighters each try to force the opponent into the cage wall. She trained with her brother and a number of other high-profile martial artists early in mqsters career. Warlock, who turned out to be Wizard’s half-brother, was still part of the group, despite all appearances to the contrary. It was shown on the 4Kids TV Saturday morning television programming block from until Their goal was to procure the Dragon Star by any means, and they were revealed to have been behind the controversial finish to the Dragon Star wmac masters from the mazters season finale.

Despite the interference, Red Dragon won the match and retained his title.