Baby in the Cradle of the Mic Stand. I feel like I can actually say that because it has stood the test of time. For me, the process of evolving from a battle rapper into an artist was realising that I was growing, and the purpose of what I was doing was changing. Music for your Website. Remember – Drunken Angels don’t sing. What did that aim to achieve?

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People loved it; people copied it and spread it around, requested songs… so much so that I got three songs playlisted on national radio. But I was in two minds at the time: November 29, at So for me, I felt like it was necessary to portray Zubz in zubz heavy 8 light, that real crude, sometimes-vulgar light.

Cochlea – One Last Letta. Track The Legend of the Golden Mic. Tladi ha o cha o che. I remember at that time Outrageous records had just been formed, and I was working under a company called Black Rage Productions.

This guy will rhyme with Arno Carstens, and his flows becomes adapted to that beat; he does The Volume stuff and he adapts to that; he does his own thing, and he adapts to it. Was it inspired by real events? But in reality, love is a lot more complex; love can be a lot more tricky zubz heavy 8 navigate. The Entertainer — Smoke Screen Bounce. And Tumi, I mean, Tumi is amazing! Show my social media links facebook. Long-distance relationships can come in two forms: The Light Of Hope. December 8, at 8: My Distress [Log Date January ].


How did that come about?

Heavy 8 – Zubz | Shazam

So for me, the way I see it, I am doing a whole lot more for Zim hip hop than a lot of these dudes online. An MC of the highest caliber, with exceptional producer and song-writing ability, Zubz is Hip Hop’s alternative to the current status quo.

I really think that, in a lot of ways, that album was done with me kinda being vacant; it was written by proper inspiration. Private Show zjbz Oh No. And of course Pebbles did it justice, like she always does.

The first eight songs are very up-tempo, sort of geared exclusively towards the hip hop head. Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here.

And just like that, Battlekat produced the skeletal beats, Pops took it home, re-arranged it, and played every other instrument on there. These are the stories that happen hezvy two people who are in love.


10 Years Down | Zubz | Listener’s Digest

November 30, at 9: Remember your video choices. The mission for Outrageous was to establish themselves as a label 88 with urban music. To watch videos non-fullscreen: That was basically to give extra legs and extra life to songs.

You collaborated with Pops Mohammed on the album. Enter this link into your RSS reader http: